Sheila White


Kilmore Fire Complex February 7 2009
Mount Disappointment

Balm Mint Bush Mount Disappointment VIC
Prostanthera melissifolia
Oil on Canvas
This area off Board Road near the Hume Hovel picnic park was devastated on February 7th 2009 "Black Saturday"
by the Kilmore Fire Complex along with most of Mount Disappointment Forests and Kinglake West National Parks.
All Tall Mountain Ash under which this bush lives on western facing slopes has been lost
It is uncertain if this wonderful purple understorey will ever recover.
* see note Below
The damage to the natural world heals as part of natures plan. Those who lost and still lose as a result of the fires will take longer to heal



Prostanthera melissifolia
September 2009, All that is left are a few twigs and bracken.

April 2009 near Lords Road

Balm Mint Bush 2004

Eucalyptus Regnans 2004

After the Fire 2011 Mount Disappointment

September 2009 - Mountain Ash does not survive Fire, all the trees are Dead

Mount disappointment III - Oil on Canvas 84 x 84cm

November 2012

In a return among the groaning ghosts left in this area, we saw the first traces of Balm Mint bush among the many invasive plants that have reclaimed the understory.
Where stands of dead E. Regnans still poke up into the sky.. when the wind blows they groan and creak.

Much of Mount Disappointment is reserved for logging. Sadly much of the timber left after the fire has been packed to fit 20 foot containers and exported to South East Asia.