Sheila White


Sheila White F.R.A.S.


Sheila White's vibrant and sensitive work has been hung in the Wynne Prize Exhibition, twice in the Portia Geach Prize Exhibition,  and twice in the touring Blake Prize Exhibition. She has received over sixty awards and commendations, including a first prize judged by Lloyd Rees.


Sheila was born in the U.K and  moved to East Africa in the early 50’s. Living in Uganda and then Kenya, she was an avid naturalist with interests in the abundant wildlife and bird life. The influence of the many vibrant and colourful coastal cultures, and the form and elegance of recent and ancient Arab settlements are all reflected in  her paintings.


In 1967 she moved to Sydney after a short stay in the U.K.  While occasionally involved in various artistic pursuits during her years in Africa, she commenced painting seriously in Sydney in 1969, at the John Ogburn Studio. Later she attended classes at the Royal Art Society of N.S.W. with Alan Hansen and Frederic Bates, and is now a Fellow of that Society.


Over the last twenty or so years, Sheila has lived in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Sydney, and the Central Coast Hinterland, taking part in local Art Groups and activities, and conducting workshops at the Royal Art Society.


Since her first stay in Sydney she has studied modern painting with Ross Davis, Bela Ivanyi, the late Henry Justelius, and  Desiderious Orban.  


Sheila enjoys painting with strong colour and light influence. Her interests still include bird watching and wildlife, the natural environment, music, and travel. All these influences are strongly present in her current figurative and abstract works in  oil, watercolour, and pastel.


Sheila has made two study tours of European Art Galleries including the Hermitage in St Petersburg and other Russian Galleries. She recently returned from a study tour of major U.K Galleries, including the new Tate at St. Ives, and many commercial galleries showing International and British contemporary work.


Sheila White's paintings are in municipal, corporate and private collections in Germany, Japan, Kenya, Thailand, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Natal and Australia


She often held workshops at the Royal Art Society and with other art groups that are particularly interested in creative and imaginative work. 


In the spring of 2008 she visited, London, Hamburg, Denmark and Scotland  making visits to over thirty galleries


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Private collections in Australia, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Thailand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Sweden, Switzerland,  USA,  and Zimbabwe.